Improving the Basque Country’s competitiveness and leadership by including companies in the definition, design and execution of part of the university’s educational offerings


Promoting and implementing models of cooperation and mechanisms for co-creation amongst different public and private interest groups


Strengthening entrepreneurship through the connection of business challenges in Industry 4.0 with the talent existing at four universities


Promoting the positioning and internationalisation of the Basque Country within the realm of Industry 4.0


Producing and attracting talent and improving employability by training highly versatile professionals

Objectives of the Cluster 4Gune

Promoting technological oversight, cooperation, putting results to work and transferring them, and dissemination in Industry 4.0, jointly produced among universities and the Basque industrial fabric

Learning and Innovation Hubs

4GUNE’s current operations revolve mainly around the Learning & Innovation Hubs made up of the following initiatives:

Map of capacities

The map of capacities in training, research, knowledge transfer and equipment at the university centres members of 4GUNE promotes a greater transfer of the value produced by the Basque university system.

This leads to the creation and/or strengthening of the strategic alliances between universities, companies and other social role-players, thereby promoting innovation and collaborative entrepreneurship.

The map of capacities makes it possible to detect potential synergies between educational offerings, research teams and existing equipment, in connection with the realm of Professional Training and companies’ needs based on their value chains.

Intelligent management of this map of abilities promotes inter- and intra-university cooperation. This, in turn, produces a new space of opportunity for the co-creation of higher value-added responses which are more sophisticated for challenges in the realm of Industry 4.0.

Programme for university-business connection through challenges

Programme to highlight, protect and transfer the knowledge co-generated by companies, universities and vocational training in Industry 4.0. A connection between the university, companies and other entities which allows the challenges brought up to become drivers in the relationship.

Through the co-leadership of the university centres which are 4GUNE members, a set of common foundations are established to promote mutually beneficial cooperation and consensus for the education system, the economic system and society as a whole.

Co-creation hubs

These are spaces for implementing joint and cooperative actions and initiatives among the university centres which make up the 4GUNE Cluster, and other social and entrepreneurial role-players, aimed at:

  • Improving the student body’s learning experience.
  • Promoting connections with companies, bodies of the Public Administration and other social role-players and providing responses to their needs based on the capabilities of the Basque university system.