Industry 4.0 Skills Map


The map of training, research, transfer skills and equipment of the 4GUNE member university centres initially aims to reflect the detailed reality of the Basque University System in relation to Industry 4.0. This is the first step towards fostering a greater transfer of the value generated from the University to the country’s productive sector based on the creation and strengthening of the strategic alliances between universities, companies and other social agents. The functioning of the skills map enables the university offer in Industry 4.0 to be seen.

It includes 222 mapped university skills with potential to add value in the 50 categories of Industry 4.0.


Business + University


The aim of the Business + University programme is to foster practical collaboration between them through business challenges intended to activate the student body through practical exercise and the university teaching staff through transfer efforts. Students from the 4GUNE university centres respond to the challenges raised by companies from a specific sector through the implementation of projects co-supervised by teaching staff and company managers. The projects may be carried out individually by students, leading to end-of-degree projects (TFG) or Master’s Theses (TFM), or jointly in the heart of a subject.

Business+University AbstractResources and calls

Technological Intelligence Cross-border Laboratory


The Technological Intelligence Cross-border Laboratory is put forward as a tool for technological prospecting and monitoring in order to address the issues of greater interest to the sector. To do so, researchers trained for this purpose by 4GUNE in 2019 are on hand. The issues addressed in 2020 are: Technologies for Sustainability and the circular economy in industry; Hydrogen as an energy vector for transport; Artificial Intelligence Applications in the manufacturing environment; Impact of electric and connected mobility in Advanced Manufacturing.